Lighting Workshop with ediblered

Having the band ediblered come in for my Rock and Roll Portrait Lighting Workshop at Adorama was a treat. I’ve been photographing Collette and the boys for most of the last decade and that made it easier for me to show my lighting techniques to the class.

In the workshop, I went through the entire process of producing a photo shoot with a band from start to finish. It was different from a normal shoot in that all of the setup and troubleshooting was done while the band was standing there instead of before they arrive. They’re not supposed to hear my thought process as I talk my way through the setup for the benefit of the class. But having old friends in front of the camera makes things a lot easier.

All of the lighting in these images comes from Nikon SB900 and SB800 strobes.

The first shot was in the hallway right outside of the seminar room. It’s a three-light setup, but it took a while to get that green floor looking just right.

(Nikon D3, 70-200, 1/250, f/8, iso 800)

I then convinced Adorama to let us up on the roof where I made this portrait of Collette.

(Nikon D3, 24-70, 1/250, f/16, iso 100)

The workshop was sold-out and we had a great group of attendees. Caroline Moore wrote about her experience at the workshop on her blog.


I’ll announce more dates and locations for upcoming workshops both on my blog and on my workshops page.