Face the FACT

Last week, I photographed Japanese rock band FACT on their first U.S. tour. They weren’t coming to New York City, so I met up with them before their show in Scranton, PA.

I found a wooded area near their hotel and lit them with two Nikon SB-900 strobes on either side.

(Nikon D3, 24-70 lens, ISO 200, 1/640 sec, F/4.0)

A woman who lived nearby asked if we had permission to shoot there because the vacant lot was owned by a local church. I can deal with permit problems in New York City, but never expected to be questioned in rural Pennsylvania. I told her we would leave that location and move to a public street.

Even with the language barrier, I was able to convey to the guys what I wanted them to do next.

(Nikon D3, 70-200 lens, ISO 200, 1/500 sec, F/4.0)

I was concerned that the woman had called the police, so we finished up quickly and went on our way. I didn’t feel like explaining myself to the town sheriff if he asked why a New York photographer was photographing a group of young Japanese rockers running down the street in Scranton, PA.

Especially without a photo permit.