Dead to Fall

Yesterday I went down to The Living Room, a very cool music space in Tribeca, to shoot a band called Dead to Fall. They’re a metalcore band from Chicago and Minneapolis.

Why does it seem that the heavier the music, the nicer the guys are who play it? These guys couldn’t have been cooler. I’m sure they’re nuts on stage, but I found them to be relatively normal.

Hope I didn’t just ruin their image.

We started in the club and I used a beat up red wall as the backdrop. I usually like to start with something simple so I can get to know them a bit and we can all get warmed up.

Dead To Fall 

After I felt good about the red wall, I took them and my lights outside. The guys immediately gravitated toward a tractor that was sitting on the street. There was also a shopping cart next to it and Jon, the lead singer, jumped right in.

With traffic flowing down the street, they spent some time playing around on that tractor. Jon wrote the word “HELP” on a piece of cardboard and the guys looked like out of work musicians.

Dead To Fall

At the end, he lit the sign on fire, although it never really turned into a big enough flame to look good in the photo. For safety sake, we’re probably all better off that way.